About Qveen Herby

About Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby is a top independent rapper, writer of bops, and all around self-discovery guru. The Nebraska-native, Berklee College of Music graduate emerged with viral pop duo KARMIN in 2011. Tune in for her weekly aura cleanses and podcast "House of Herby" for inspiration on indulging your inner artist. QVEENHERBY.COM and @qveenherby on all platforms.


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  • Hi Qveen Herby,
    I’ve learned a lot about myself and my purpose through your music. First time I heard of you was when I was making a TikTok & have been obsessed with your music since. Litterally, all I play! Thank you 👑🫶🏼

    Sekhmet Coronado on
  • I am just learning of who you are and I must say you inspire me!

    Shinequa G. on
  • I love you qveen a lot.your songs are my friends in my aloneness (:♥️. countinue powerful.im im iran but i wish one day see you and cry.

    Denis on
  • Omgoodness 😍 long time fan, but I just started binging your podcast and I’m so excited to know that you’re a Nebraska girl too! One more reason to love you!

    Cara on
  • Your music gets me through most days!! Reminding me that no matter what I am a bad bitch who can do anything I set my mind to. Always use your music… getting ready for work, getting ready to go out for the night, or just cleaning the kitchen. Truly motivating me for whatever I need. Thank you

    Mariel on

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