About Qveen Herby

About Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby is a top independent rapper, writer of bops, and all around self-discovery guru. The Nebraska-native, Berklee College of Music graduate emerged with viral pop duo KARMIN in 2011. Tune in for her weekly aura cleanses and podcast "House of Herby" for inspiration on indulging your inner artist. QVEENHERBY.COM and @qveenherby on all platforms.


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  • Hey Qveen. My trans friend, Rene helped me discover your music. I’m lucky to have found your great songs like, “A Woman” and “Cruella”. Keep putting out new EP’s because we all eat it up!

    Cayden Winebrenner on
  • Love your music! Concert in California please! 🙏🏾

    Asha on

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