The Bath or Shower Ritual

The Bath or Shower Ritual

What does it truly mean to take a load off, clear your aura of negativity, and restore your willpower and joy for life? A bulletproof self-care ritual can be the difference between sickness and health, good decisions and missteps, or your ability to handle other people’s bullshit. Let’s discover the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Here I suggest my favorite ritual, but only to activate you into a routine.  Please make any changes and honor what feels best to you. One person’s bubble bath is another person’s puff & paint (some will need both)!



• Candle

• Lighter

• Sheet mask or clay mask

• Dry Body Brush

• Bath salts or shower oil/scrub

• PJs, Slippers & Robe

• Body lotion

• Music player (phone, speaker, or laptop)


Begin by saying out loud:

“Alright bitch it’s been a crazy ass week so we’re just gonna wind down, do some loving treatments, and soothe the most important parts of you.” 

Slowly gather your items and feel the power in becoming your own caretaker. This relationship with yourself is healthy and crucial for surviving in modern times. Take pride in developing your savvy and skillful ways.

In the bathroom, light your favorite candle. Start taking slow and deep breaths in and out. Pull up your favorite relaxing music at a low volume. Dim the lights if possible. Strip naked and apply a mud mask or sheet mask.

Run your fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp. Using a dry brush, run the soft bristles over the tops of your feet, calves, thighs working up to you core. Thank each body part with a smile as you go. Stop at your heart and move to hands, arms, neck, and back in towards your heart.

Run a hot bath & climb in the tub. While standing, pour a small amount of bath salts into the lid. Say thank you to God/universe/source for all you’ve learned this week. If something lingers on your mind, ask for an answer and resolution. Say thank you, and pour the charged salts into your bath.

**This same step can be achieved by anointing the body with shower oil/scrub before stepping into a hot shower.

Immerse your body in the water and feel it removing all negativity from your field. Try to clear your mind of too many thoughts, let them float away like clouds, slipping through your fingers as you release them and they have no power over you.

Soak as long as you wish until it feels right to get out. Towel off your body gently like a newborn baby and comb your hair.  Apply face moisturizer and lotion your entire body, focusing on dry areas like feet, knees, elbows, and hands. Roll into your robe and slippers and shut off the music.

Finally, it’s recommended to read a delicious book, watch a delicious show, or journal if you have extra lingering worries. I hope this routine heals and inspires you to become your greatest caretaker. You deserve it!

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  • Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with a routine. Thanks for this great advice! I’m starting my new weekly regimen today!

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