Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

One of my favorite tools for clarifying my purpose is the Japanese IKIGAI chart. Print this handy chart and fill in the circles. The aspects that intersect will reveal your purpose in life!

It is recommended that you do a fresh IKIGAI chart every 6-12 months as you grow and evolve into a more majestic being all the time.


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  • Already love the podcast! I adore your values, I support your journey, and I treasure your greatness. Sending tons of love.

    Jean Berroa on
  • Your videos are the best. Just started the podcast. Can’t wait for more. Thank you

    Chelsey on
  • Happy To You!! When Aphsias ?!? When 3/30, we will turning 9/08 we went 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😘! We continue…. Lol

    Loretta Quiring on
  • I’m obsessed with you! thank you for shining your light!

    Kyndra on
  • Love you and everything you do!

    Natasha Powell on

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