Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

One of my favorite tools for clarifying my purpose is the Japanese IKIGAI chart. Print this handy chart and fill in the circles. The aspects that intersect will reveal your purpose in life!

It is recommended that you do a fresh IKIGAI chart every 6-12 months as you grow and evolve into a more majestic being all the time.


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  • Jedi Nick and Qveen,

    If you ask Universe for a sign, and then you have a dream with that sign… does it count? Or is it just my subconscious recalling thoughts I had? 🤔

    Ps so excited for season 2!

    Bunny on
  • Thank you for being you! I’ve been working on myself and its just refreshing to hear about someone else’s life and how things change and what to make of your life! Just thank you!

    Nicole on
  • Love the Podcast! Love the Aura cleanses! Love your Music!

    Sean on
  • I really love your guys podcasts. It’s so refreshing and I’ve always looked up to your constant bad bitch grind. You guys are a power couple and team please keep creating and sharing with people like me, who get inspired by your works. Love you guys xxx

    V on
  • Love the podcast! Really nice to hear people casually talk about the bullshit going on, I feel like so many have turned themselves off to not feel the destruction of the world. Anywho, I’m down for all spiritual topics, everything you said was amazing haha

    Ohlala on

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