A Podcast for Your Inner Artist

A Podcast for Your Inner Artist

My babes I can't believe we are several episodes into HOUSE OF HERBY and it's continuing to grow every week. I also love hearing about your artistic journey via emails, DMs, and tweets. Keep sharing and don't forget to rate + review! It helps us grow the fam. xx


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  • And here I am now, almost 2 years later and since hearing just one episode a month or so ago have now listened to nearly all of them, instantly bought a cd and the Patreon year then you came to Baltimore – Magic abounds – but yeah I’m just wondering what was I doing before finding you? The Podcast – Phenomenal but the music… (Holy Holy Holy) the music is so much exactly what I needed to shift my mindset along with the podcast right when I came across it all. It’s honestly the biggest relief to be on my own mission (rapper/podcast of my own/legit plans for world domination-but for the best of reasons…) and then to bear witness to such greatness and be able to smile (a true deeply experienced smile) and say to Life “Thank you for showing me that I’m not down here alone – I’m not the only one outchea causing’ a ruckus and helping others heal from the chaos that’s fuctus all up so bad…. There’s a Qveen and her people and there’s even a gd Jedi and it all popped into my reality just in the Nick of time! Like wow. …. Uh anyway yeah, my point is if you two see this don’t stop doing what your doing please… it is of greater value than we can know I believe.

    Seriously the best live performance I’ve attended – so like Pac said #StayTrue

    Also there’s an email that was sent to your management team with an invite so should you happen to be interested just know that me and mine definitely are! (I’m enamored by the conversation of Herby House and am truly blessed by the Qveen’s HeartSong she hath bestowed upon this world…. What a time to be alive! When people like you cats exist and are doin this shit at such a scale! There are others out there too! Let us gather them together once more by the Sacred Fire and Return to Our Home…

    Hawk Eye on
  • Qveen Herby’s entire discography are my daily affirmations!! Thank you for the encouragement and bad bitchery I was missing in my life, Qveen!

    Kells on
  • I listened to the first episode today, and I am HOOKED. I cannot wait to see what else your inspirational self has to offer. After one episode, you’ve inspired me to get back to my art. I’m working all day, but all I want to do is art and listen to mooorrreeee.

    You’re an amazing artist and human, and I love following your journey <3

    Aaron Bayzee on

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