A Podcast for Your Inner Artist

A Podcast for Your Inner Artist

My babes I can't believe we are several episodes into HOUSE OF HERBY and it's continuing to grow every week. I also love hearing about your artistic journey via emails, DMs, and tweets. Keep sharing and don't forget to rate + review! It helps us grow the fam. xx


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  • Qveen Herby’s entire discography are my daily affirmations!! Thank you for the encouragement and bad bitchery I was missing in my life, Qveen!

    Kells on
  • I listened to the first episode today, and I am HOOKED. I cannot wait to see what else your inspirational self has to offer. After one episode, you’ve inspired me to get back to my art. I’m working all day, but all I want to do is art and listen to mooorrreeee.

    You’re an amazing artist and human, and I love following your journey <3

    Aaron Bayzee on

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