Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

Finding Your Purpose: The Ikigai Chart

One of my favorite tools for clarifying my purpose is the Japanese IKIGAI chart. Print this handy chart and fill in the circles. The aspects that intersect will reveal your purpose in life!

It is recommended that you do a fresh IKIGAI chart every 6-12 months as you grow and evolve into a more majestic being all the time.


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  • Thanks, qveen.

    Frances on
  • Hey girl hey!
    I discovered you a few weeks ago with Thank Goddess, and I’ve been working my way through your whole catalog since then. Just started your podcast yesterday, and I’m very excited to see where it takes me. I’m 34, and definitely at that point in my life where I NEED to align my daily life and career with my purpose. Here comes the Universe to the rescue to the rescue, manifesting the Qveen exactly when I need her! Thank you for being so aggressively You, and for not letting anything hold you back from being who you are meant to be. You are truly inspirational. ❤️

    Amanda Brauer on
  • You’re perfectly censored for me to watch you, cause I have a 5 year old crotch troll!

    Pretty on
  • I just lost my tribe. Maybe he fulfilled his purpose, idk. But I found your podcast at 7am this morning. Now I’m on episode 2 cooking breakfast. Thank you.

    Pretty on
  • Just found your podcast and I love it, can’t wait to dive in!

    Janell on

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